Frequently Asked Questions


Is This Work From Home Offer Legitimate?
Yes it is. We have been in business since 2000. We have verified and checked out all the companines listed in our directory. The directory is updated every quarter.



Are There Work From Home Jobs Where I Live?
The majority of the opportunities posted are nationwide and not limited to individual states or cities. This means that your location should not be a major issue. Regardless of where you live, you can work for any of these companies. All backed by our guarantee.



What Is Your Success Rate?
We have never tracked this, nor do we know anyone who has. What we can say is that we have over a 95% satisfaction rate in over the years based on returns.



What Do The Jobs Pay?
These jobs pay the same as if you worked in an office for the same company. Some points to keep in mind are: The type of pay that you receive depends on the type of work that you do. People who work from home make the same if not more money than people who work in an office. What ever the companies in your area are paying for your types of skills is what you can normally expect to get paid. Independent contractors sometimes get paid more than employees because they don't receive employee benefits.



When Can I Start?
Your start date will be agreed upon between you and your employer. You may find that certain companies will want to hire you immediately and sometimes there will be a short wait before employment begins. We advise that you respond quickly to any offers to increase your chances of being hired for the position you are seeking.



Can I Work For More Than One Company At A Time?
That is the beauty of these opportunities. Most companies don't mind if you work for another company at the same time you are employed with them. It may be helpful for you to present this issue to your potential employer when you are being hired for the position.



What Hours Am I Expected To Work?
The hours you work depend on you and the company that you are working for. Working from home usually means that you can schedule your day any way you wish.



Who are you guys?
You can find this in our "About Us" page. But, in short we are a group of work at home professionals.



What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?
We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal on our totally secure server. We also accept checks and money orders through the mail. Mail to: IMI Concepts, 9 Winshire Ct, Owings Mills, 21117.



Do You Sell My Information?
Absolutely not. We are one of the few companies that do not share any of the information provided to us by you. This includes email addresses, mailing addresses or any information. We respect your right to privacy and will always honor this right. We feel that this is ethically wrong and feel we do not need to earn money this way.



Do You Guarantee Me A Job?
We do not guarantee you a job and we are not associated with any of the companies found through our service. We supply you with a very good listing of jobs and opportunities being offered by other companies. No one provides you a better, or more updated list anywhere. We guarantee it.



What Can I Expect To Receive?
We provide the most up to date information available on the market. Contact information provided for you to contact them by phone, mail, fax, email, or web address. We constantly update and add to these listings. Best, of all, if you choose the online option you receive access immediately upon ordering. 



How Do I Contact You?
E-mail us at 24/7 for Technical Issues, Have Not Received Access, Questions About Our Program.



Are There Opportunities Outside U.S.?
Our positions are geared more towards US residents. However, there are many opportunities that are available outside the U.S. Keep in mind that if you are outside the U.S. you would be limited to these opportunities, which will limit the opportunities available to you.



How Do You Keep Your Prices So Low?
We specialize in researching and providing work from home employment opportunities and nothing else. We want to give back to the online community and assist people in getting out of the 9 to 5 rat race.



Are There Any Additional Fees Required?
Sometimes! This again depends on the opportunity you choose. If there are any fees, we try to mention this in the listing. But this leaves a lot of opportunities that does not have additional fees. These fees are usually on assembly type opportunities that require material to be sent out and returned. It is a sort of "security deposit". Most deposits are refundable upon completion of the first batch of work. These deposits may seem needless, but when companies send out material that costs them money to produce, they want an incentive for you to return their material. 



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