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To get started, just follow the simple steps below.



Step 1. Sign Up For a FREE Account with Clickbank

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There are currently thousands of affiliates registered with Clickbank and every affiliate has his own Clickbank account and nickname. When customers are on the Internet and they click an Affiliate link, their computers have to know where to go, and Clickbank has to know which affiliate to credit funds per sale. For this reason, your affiliate link will contain two names: Our Clickbank nickname [324252] and your Clickbank nickname.


Now that you have created an account with Clickbank, you can generate your own Affiliate link. To do this, refer to the formula below and replace the XXXXX with your new Clickbank nickname. 




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All you have to do now is promote your affiliate link! There are many ways to do this, and several popular methods are discussed below. In addition, we have provided a variety of colorful banners that you can use to promote your Homejobstop Affiliate Link.



How To Promote Your Affilaite Link


Text Links:

To place text links on your site or anywhere else on the Internet, just copy and insert the Html codes below. [Remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank nickname!]


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Ezine Solo Ad:


[Remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank nickname!]


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Pop-Under Windows:


Pop-Under windows open underneath the web page currently being viewed. Unlike those annoying Pop-Up windows, Pop-Under windows do not disturb viewers and they are amazingly effective at making sales!


To set up a Pop-Under Window on your website, just copy and paste the Script into your code.


[In the code below, remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank nickname!]


<script language="JavaScript">
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function loadpopunder(){





Banner Links:


[Important! Remember to replace the XXXXX with your Clickbank nickname!]



Html code: <a href="http://XXXXX.324252.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://home-jobs-directory.com/Banner_01.gif" border="0"></a>




Html code: <a href="http://XXXXX.324252.hop.clickbank.net"><img src="http://home-jobs-directory.com/Banner_02.gif" border="0"></a>



Advertising Independently:

Even if you don't own a website, you can still do very well promoting your affiliate link. You can:

  • Place Your Link in Free Directories

  • Advertise in Free Classifieds and Newsletters 

  • Post To Message Boards

  • Pass It on by Email 

  • Share Your Link with various e-groups

  • Share Your Link with Friends


There are literally thousands of free directories and classified ad sites. To locate them, just enter the keywords "free classifieds" or "free directory" in any search engine. The same applies for message boards and e-groups. Please remember, advertisers must be fair and honest if they are to be successful. 



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