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My name is Jay Harris owner of Home Jobs Directory. I created this site and product after numerous failed attempts to find successful home-based careers and work-from-home businesses. Work at home job searches were long and difficult. Many of the “opportunities” were misrepresented, using false testimonials, inflated and unrealistic claims, and misleading company information. Needless to say, these opportunities didn't live up to their hype.



I have put in thousands of hours of research so you can avoid work from home scams and zero in on the real opportunities. Our work at home directory is the best way to find the real opportunities to make money working from home. In addition to our own research, we use the combined experiences of our many members (tens of thousands over the years) to identify the real performers from the real duds. If a business is misrepresenting its opportunity or misleading our customers, it is removed from the directory. Another obstacle removed from your at home job search.



Our directories will help you avoid:
Gimmick Offers,
Get rich quick schemes,
Me-too offers,
And companies simply in the business to collect fees for their services or make money on your up front investments.


Choose what you like to do! Set your own hours! Work for several at the same time!



Our directories will give it to you the way it is. No misrepresentations. No exaggerations. We treat our directories as a work in progress. They are the result of years of hard work, research and a continual process of improving and enlarging our list of real opportunities. We go to great lengths to ensure that they are up to date and complete. Research is a way of life around here, and our database of work-at-home opportunities is proof.



We have a network of researchers, business leaders, home workers, and independent consultants contributing to our written materials on businesses opportunities, work at home jobs, and home-based careers. In this amazing age of the internet, we are often buried and overwhelmed by the information out there. Our mission is to sort through the mountains of information and locate the opportunities that will improve the lives and businesses of our clients.



We are the creators and authors of everything on this website. This is not true for most of the directories you will find on the internet today. There have been many copy-cat websites out there trying to duplicate what we do. Many of these companies are located outside of the United States. They usually don't last very long. The information they provide is often unreliable and out of date as they are in this business to make a quick buck. So, be careful before making a long term commitment, they more than likely won't be there to fulfill it.



We would love to hear from you! Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions or would like more information. info@home-jobs-for-you.com



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